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Ice Sculptures

Your Kentucky Ice Sculpture Expert

Chef Michael Stoddart is still very active in our ice sculpting business, but a majority of our ice work is created, designed and carved by our son, Matthew Stoddart who has been ice carving since the age of 12!  Chef still has all the skills in creating, designing and carving along with being awarded the prestigious 2012 Professional Ice Carving Champion by the National Ice Carving Association (NICA), there isn’t much he cannot accomplish.

If you are looking to WOW your friends and colleagues, Lexington Ice Sculptures can create the perfect blend of art and function to ensure that your event is exciting and memorable. We are the only company that internally designs and manufactures ice sculptures in central and eastern Kentucky. As such, we feel that we are an authority on all things “ice” in our region. Over the years, customizable ice sculptures of nearly any size, shape, design, or detail, for nearly any type of gathering, have become easily accessible and readily available through our company.

Watch Matt & Mike Make A Giant Art From 10,000 Pounds Of Ice

What type of commodity products are available through Lexington Ice?

Bags of ice, in either 10 or 20 lb sizes
Up to 300 lb. blocks of solid, crystal-clear ice
Keg ice, large broken pieces of ice varying in size and shape, in any assortment of weights.

Customized cocktail ice is available by calling 425.9988

Offering Bagged Ice For Commercial Businesses

Lexington Ice clients can choose to take advantage of either routine, special order, or occasional need delivery direct to your location.

Ice for Individuals or One-Time Use

We’ve been in the event management business for a long time and knowing how important the details are is a great reason to consider our team for helping support your ice needs at your next event, function, or gathering. Whether you choose to pick up your own product or have us deliver it in our refrigeration truck, we are more than happy to discuss your project and help create the best solution for you. Curious how much ice you might need? No problem! Let’s chat! 859-425-9988.

Need Some Ideas For Your Masterpiece?

To get your imagination flowing, check out our suggestions below:


  • Punch and drink bowls
  • Drink dispensing fountains
  • Ice shot Luges of different varieties
  • Food displays and wine bottle holders
  • Candle holders of all sizes
  • Novelty drinking glasses
  • Lighting elements
  • Multi-tiered food displays
  • Miscellaneous tables and seating


  • Any custom logo (which can have color and be multi-dimensional)
  • Custom table décor & centerpieces
  • Jewelry pieces
  • Directional signage
  • Corporate décor

Drink/Bar Related

  • Liquor luges of all types
  • Novelty drink glasses
  • Entire ice bar, stools, or lounge
  • Wine racks and wine bottle holders

Miscellaneous Items

  • Life-size Oscar award or trophies
  • Equestrian Related sculptures; full horse or horses bust, horseshoes, bridals, etc.
  • Piano (playable with a keyboard)
  • Any type of animal carving (eagles, peacock, deer, elks, sailfish, flying fish, ocean life, Grasshopper, Butterfly, angelfish, etc.)
  • Sporting related items such as team logos, the Heisman trophy, basketballs, etc.
  • Motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • Tribal Masks
  • Treasure chest
  • Shark/surfboard
  • Eiffel tower


  • Bride and Groom Monogram or Initials
  • Punch and Drink Bowls
  • Swans
  • Dueling Hearts (or a single heart)
  • Photo Freeze (enlarged photo frozen into the ice)
  • Floral vases of all sizes
  • Candleholders


  • Street post lights (that can have a flameless candle or light inserted into them to actually work)
  • Snowmen
  • Cornucopia
  • Santa’s sleigh and reindeer
  • Ice castles
  • Trees of varying types
  • Christmas gift boxes (with frozen treats inside)


  • Shot glasses
  • Martini glasses
  • High-ball glasses
  • Beer mugs
  • Unusual ice cubes


Additional Options

Table Top Sculptures

Starting Prices $200 (25”X13” size)

Additions can include:

Colored Sand $25/first color

+$15/addtl colors

Center Pieces

Starting Prices $425 (40”X20”X10”)=full block

$275 (20”X10”X10”)=1/2 block

Ice Luges

Starting Prices $350 (40”X20”X10”)=full block

$175 (20”X10”X10”)=1/2 block

$100 (10”X10”X10”)=1/4 block

Add a plaque or design to your luge $50

Seafood Displays

Starting Prices $475 two tiered (40”X20”X10”)=full block

$325 (20”X20”), tray, light and drain tube included

Dispenser (beverages)

Starting Price $150 per, includes ice tray (20”X20”)

Beverage Chillers

Starting Price $125 Wine Chiller (1 bottle)

Additional bottles are $10/each

Beer Mug $5/mug (minimum of 10 mugs), (1 can size)

8 can/96 oz-$40/each (under 5 quantity)

$35/each (min 5 mugs/20 mugs)

$30/each (under 20 mugs)


*add Glitter (multitude of colors)

*add Sand

*add photo insert

*add floral

*custom plaque or lettering


Sculptures ordered for prompt turnaround time of (72 hours) will incur a “rush” charge of $200 per order.
Please allow at least a 2 week order window for your sculpture.  Thank you for understanding.

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Make a lasting impression at your next event with an ice sculpture! Give us a call today at 859-425-9988. We would love to discuss your vision and style for your masterpiece.

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Sculptures ordered for prompt turnaround time of (72 hours) will incur a “rush” charge of $200 per order.
Please allow at least a 2 week order window for your sculpture.  Thank you for understanding.

Phone: 859.425.9988

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