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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the frequently asked questions that our customers ask about our services.

How far in advance do I need to order an ice sculpture?

It usually takes about two days to complete an ice sculpture, without any external factors or work flow influencing the time commitment necessary to complete an art piece. Ideally, we would prefer as much notice as possible prior your event or special occasion is enough time. Two weeks would be optimal, although during any holiday season we prefer to have even more notice, if possible.

How long will it take a sculpture to melt? Is it refrigerated when you set it up?

Carvings are supposed to melt and often look their best after a few hours at room temperature—they do not need to be refrigerated when they are presented, however they will come wrapped and sealed to prevent damage. An average size sculpture will last at least 6-7 hours under normal indoor conditions. For a carving to completely melt away, it can sometimes take several days (we also are available to assist with disposal however). Some smaller sized pieces such as miniatures for the center of banquet tables will last less 4-5 hours in their optimal condition.

Where can you deliver?

We are based in Lexington, and deliveries in the Lexington area are based on the size, location, and price of the sculptures. Our team of scultping professionals can arrange for delivery anywhere in Kentucky or beyond. Our refrigeration truck will ensure that your sculpture is as nice when it arrives at your location as it was when it left our studio.

How is the carving presented when it arrives at my location?

We provide a turn-key service to our customers—our prices include the cost of delivery, set up, and equipment purchase or rental (and collection). In most instances, sculptures are appropriately set-up by our team at the requested venue about an hour before the guests arrive, along with any optional lighting, skirting, or decor, that might have also been selected.

Can I simply purchase a block of ice?

Absolutely. We sell our 300-lb ice blocks to anyone who might want or need them. The cost is $125.00 and we usually have several on hand (but there are exceptions, so please call ahead).

What is the cost of an ice sculpture?

This is a bit of a tricky question to answer without knowing a few more details. How large a sculpture are you wanting (how many blocks of ice)? How intricate is the carving? Is it going to be interactive or have multiple facets (such as color, photos, or something frozen inside)? Where is it being delivered or shipped? Are other items also being purchased? Ice sculptures are more affordable than they have ever been, and really are worth the nominal cost if you truly want to leave an impression. We have sculptures priced from $2.00 to $12000.00. Typically however, most of the average sculptures fall into a price range of $275-$550.

How are ice sculptures are made?

Finished sculptures resemble pieces of fine crystal. These pieces can range in size from something palm-size to things that must be moved by trucks and cranes. Seasons specializes in both the intricate carvings as well as large, detailed pieces or multi-fused block pieces. The first step in the process is the creation of the 300-lb ice blocks by a special block-making machine. The clarity of the blocks comes from filtration and circulation during the freezing process. The advantage of owning these machines is that we can freeze objects into the blocks as they are being created (i.e., company logos, flowers, product such as liquor, meats, fish, lights and tubes for liquor luges). It takes approximately two-three days for the block to be thick enough to be harvested. Once it is harvested and trimmed it is ready to be cut. Each block of ice measures 40 inches tall, 20 inches wide and 10 inches thick. Larger sculptures must be fused together and carved in large sections. Cost of an ice sculpture will vary based on size, intricacy, location of delivery, etc.

What tools do you use?

We use a variety of tools depending on which stage of carving we are at. Large hoists and tongs are needed to maneuver whole blocks. Then a chainsaw is usually employed to rough out the shape of the piece, before we move on to chisels. The majority of the chisels we use are hand-made Japanese ice sculpting tools, similar to wood working chisels, but we also use handsaws made of laminated Japanese steel in the tradition of Samurai sword making. The final stages of sculpting involve polishing with heated implements in order to get the best possible finish.

Do you use special ice? How do you make it clear?

Ice utilized for a sculpture is somewhat different from what you could freeze at home. We produce our own ice through an extremely careful and tedious process mentioned above. Ice is developed from very pure (distilled, ionized) water in order to make it perfectly clear. We have also refined the techniques necessary for controlling the number of bubbles, fractures, etc., which any one block of ice contains, as well as being able to make white ice when required.

What’s the largest sculpture you’ve made? And the smallest?

There have been several large sculptures that we have made, a huge flag for 9/11, a 57 Chevy Bel Air, a Baby Grand, a huge ice bar for Makers Mark, Santa’s sleigh with reindeer flying into the sky, a scaled but large train, walls of ice… it’s hard to remember the largest! The smallest pieces that we are routinely asked to make would be the shot glasses, martini glasses for sliced fruit display, and sorbet cups for a seven course meal.

Can you create a carving of somethings as specific as my company logo?

Yes! We can do very intricate work thanks to the addition of a CNC-type machine into the shop several years ago. We can create very specific logos, which can be complimented by miscellaneous colors (created with biodegradable sand and snow), by freezing special items into the ice, and by creating multi-dimensional carvings. We usually use an ornamental base to support and compliment the piece.

Is there somewhere that we can actually see an ice sculpture before making a decision or placing an order?

Maybe, depending on what might be underway or stored in the freezer. Call us, we’ll see what we can do. Of course, we always invite new friends by for a tour.

Do you have any sculptures that I could purchase as novelty items?

Yes! We offer shot glasses made of ice, beer mugs, high-ball glasses, martini glasses, unusual ice cubes, and more.

If I want to order multiple sculptures, can I get a discount?

Sure. We are very interested in talking more about your project and being able to help however we can. We have had several clients who choose to pre-pay for a number of sculptures throughout the year in order to get a discount. Make no mistake though, working in freezing cold temperatures with very dangerous tools trying to create intricate art pieces is hard and heavy work, whether one or several sculptures are being created!

Do you have a reseller or wholesaler program?

We’ve talked about it. There are different restaurants, event planners, hotels, and things that prefer to either purchase several sculptures in bulk which are kept in their own freezer space to re-sell to guests or choose to pre-pay for an anticipated number of sculptures needed throughout the year. If you are interested, email us. We can talk more:

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the nature and unique challenges of our business, ice sculptures will not be cut until payment is made in-full. Since the entire process generally takes about 48 hours to freeze and complete a carving, full payment is required at least FIVE DAYS PRIOR to an event date to guarantee services. Expedited orders placed with less than this notice will need to be paid in-full when placing an order. Cancellations with less than five business days notice will result in loss of prior deposit or payments made. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED, however it may be possible to receive credit toward a future project.

If I lick the sculpture, will my tongue stick to the ice?

We wanted to include this question to make visitors to our site smile; however, believe it or not this is one of the most commonly asked questions about our sculptures once they are set up on location. The answer to the long-pondered question—yes, you may lick the ice without fear of reliving A Christmas Story. Your tongue will not stick! 🙂

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