A sampling of our cakes:

Three-Layer Buttercream Icing Wedding Cake by Seasons Catering, Lexington KY 40502
Beautiful, four-layer wedding cake
with italian buttercream icing, adorned
with dot and ribbon detail. Features
alternating square and round layers.

Three-tiered white wedding cake
with smooth iced finishing,
complimented by  fall floral detail.

Beautiful four-tier, smooth iced design
with italian buttercream icing and pastel floral.

Traditional white cake with fresh berry
garnish and elegant dot design.

Four-layer stacked cake with dot border,
smooth iced design and tropical-themed floral.
Flavors: orange, almond, key lime, and pineapple.

Three-layer stacked cake with dot
border and fresh floral topper.

Three-layer basketweave design with
seasonal fresh fruit between each layer.
Flavors: strawberry, lemon, chocolate.

Tropical-themed wedding cake
with shell border.

Three-layer stacked cake with shell border.
Flavors: pistachio, almond, and kiwi.

Dessert table with cup cake tiers.
Flavors are carrot cake, red velvet,
and triple chocolate.

Chrome Colored Harley Davidson Wedding Cake, Lexington Ky. By Seasons Catering  & Special Occasions.
Three-layer stacked cake with scroll design presented on a polished silver cake stand. 

Three-layer stacked cake with smooth icing.
Each layer has edible white chocolate maple
 leaves and fresh raspberries. Flavors: raspberry, lemon, and vanilla bean with choclate filling. 

Cincinnatti Reds themed grooms cake. Delicious
chocolate cake with peanut butter cream filling.

Monogrammed three-layer stacked cake.
Made of italian cream and orange almond layers and buttercream floral detail.

Death by Cholocate grooms cake,
topped with edible floral leaf designs.

Three-layer stacked square cake with
ribbon and floral detail.

Four-layer stacked, square cake with print
ribbon detail. Layers consist of: lemon poppy,
cherry swirl, banana nut, and marble swirl.

Three-layer stacked and tiered cake with
smooth iced finishing and floral decor.

Large sheet cake wth shell border and detailed
company logo. Flavors are white, chocolate, and
strawberry. Complimented a matching ice sculpture.

Individual, single layer round cakes with dot
border. Flavors: butter pecan, hummingbird,
spice cake, and chocolate hazelnut.

Three-tiered round cake featuring holiday decor.
Layers of white chocolate peppermint.

Four-layer stacked cake with sheer ribbon
detail and red rose topper.

Four-layer stacked cake with dot border and
detail, finished in blue tint icing. Flavors:
coconut cream, white almond sour cream, and
cookies and cream.

Four-layer stacked cake with shell border
and monogramed topper.

Three-layer stacked cake with shell
border and floral detail.

Three-layer stacked cake with dot and ribbon
detail. Features a cascading ribbon topper.

Four-layer stacked cake with alternating
 round and square layers. Flavors: strawberry
and cream, tiramisu, blackberry walnut,
and german chocolate. Buttercream square
dot and scroll detail. 

Three-layer stacked and tiered cake with
hydrangea detail. Smooth iced finishing
with buttercream shell border.

Four-layer stacked cake, smooth iced finishing
with dot border and fondant monogram
displayed on a single tier.

Three-layer stacked cake with dot detail
and dot border. Garnished with wild flowers.

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