Fully-licensed and Insured Bar Services Available with Catering Services.

Most people in Lexington now know that we offer one of the most highly recommended catering services in Central Kentucky, catering to private parties, corporate events, fundraisers, weddings, cookouts, social events, church celebrations, graduations, and other special occasions. What may not be as obvious, however, is that we also offer an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage services. If you are interested in adding bar services to your next catered event, Seasons Catering is proud to be able to bring our bar service to you!

Along with set-up, breakdown and performing the necessary functions of bartending, our bar services include all the products required and needed for soft- or full-service bar.

We offer use of our full catering liquor license in the state of Kentucky and are happy to provide a variety of bar and beverage services onsite at your next event. Check out the quick overview of the bar services available through Seasons Catering below. If you’d like to chat more specifically about your event, give us a shout—we would be happy to talk it over: 859-266-6661.

Options for purchasing bar services are as follows:
  1. Open Bar. This is a service offered by and paid for by the host(ess). This selection is assessed at a flat hourly fee based on the number of adult guests present, regardless of their drinking preferences.
  2. Cash Bar. This is where bar service is available to guests during your event; however, guests will be responsible for purchasing all of their own beverages throughout the event.
  3. Combination of both the Open Bar and Cash Bar. Many clients elect to have one to two hours of an open bar, after which time it will then convert to a cash bar. This allows hosts to entertain affordably with style, but also gives guests a chance to continue enjoying bar beverages on their own dollar following the courtesy drinks provided by the host or hostess.
Seasons Catering patrons may also choose to have one of two different types of products available with their bar services depending on the type of event and the anticipated budget:
  1. You may choose to offer only a "soft bar" at your function. A soft bar typically only consists of water, soda, wines (red and white), and beer.  
  2. More commonly utilized, a full bar is always available which includes all of the above, but also offers a full selection of spirits, liquors, and assorted mix drinks.
Both soft bar and full bar services are available in either "house" or "premium" options, depending on both personal preference and event budget. A house bar consists of standard house spirits (if applicable), house wine (Woodbridge) and domestic beer (Budweiser, Bud lite or Miller lite), alongside your choice of Coke or Pepsi Products. A premium bar is comprised of more premium liquor selections, a more premium selection of wines, domestic beer, your selection of a favorite IPA, and choice of Coke or Pepsi products. Of course, we also offer the option to customize your bar as well.

All of our bar services include the appropriate equipment, cups, napkins, etc., needed to create your bar space and the service staff needed to meet all the expectations without having guests wait.

Disposable glasses and cocktail napkins are included with our beverage services; an upgrade to glassware is always available.

Licensed in-house bartending services are required with all alchohol sales.

Bar services are not available without approrpiate levels of catering services. Please refer to the link below for more detailed information about bar services in Kentucky.

Some beverages are subject to availability. Pricing may vary unexpectedly based on market fluctuation.

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